Information about PCD Tools

PCD Tools introduction

High price prevent PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tools from being widely used in the past decades, but situation changed in recent years. It is estimated that PCD tools price dropt 40%~60% during recent 2 or 3 years, the cause of PCD price “diving” is that tool production develop faster than market.

In early 90s, PCD tools development became quicker than Tungsten Carbide tools, and PCD tools market increased at same pace from than on, and lasted 10 years, and during this period, output of PCD products also surged, as PCD tool machines and technology developed rapidly. So the price system of PCD Tools headed down. For example, more and more advanced machines, such as CNC EDM blade cutting, CNC fine grinding machines and CNC laser machines were developed and this decreased cost of tool making of PCD.

Any way, PCD tools market will continue to increase in the near future inChina.